The Midnight Movie


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What is The Midnight Movie?

Other than the standard explanation that we show old movies at midnight, The Midnight Movie is more than that. The simple way of describing us is we show cult movies to movies so bad they are good.

Rather than have horror hosts made up we have “Normal” hosts. But more about them later.

The movies themselves are from an era where movies where made for entertainment on a slim budget. There was a time in America that movie theaters would show main feature followed by a shorter second film refereed to as the B movie. The B movie was typically a low budget flick. This was before the Internet and Television.

Then there were the drive-in theaters. They had their own B movies. Some drive-ins would show two or three cheaply made movie a night.

And lastly came TV movie horror hosts.

At one time every station had one. Movie buffs can fondly remember their favorite.

The staple of horror hosts where the cheaply made monster movies of the 50’s and 60’s.

As TV has changed over the year so have local produced Horror hosts. Stations are more likely to have infomercials than a scary guy introducing a bad movie.

Yes, we like showing old movies but not just any type of movie. During our eight years on cable we showed classic Hollywood fare to rare schlock drive-in movies. It was always our belief that The Midnight Movie referred to a time of day to show movies but the type of movie. Cult movies that are (depending on your age) scary and funny. For older viewers the movies represented an early time, a better time. For younger viewers the movies could be a source of humor or how crude movies where back in grandpa’s day.

No matter how you feel about cult moves, B movies or schlock movies you watch for one reason or another.

The Midnight Movie embraces all movies the good the bad and the ugly.


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