A new service that we have started offering this July is Customer Product Sales

We catalog, photograph, research and sale your old video games, comic books, memorabilia, clothing, small electronics, all for a one time processing fee and a small commission rate leaving you to be able to make some extra cash with minimal effort.

Have some items around the house that you want to sell?

The process is simple:

  1. Contact Us at Outer Haven Media and setup a consultation with our Sales Team

  2. We talk to you about the Items that you want to Sell and for How Much

  3. We arrange to Photograph your Items and Research each Item’s worth

  4. Using that information we work with you to set a Selling Price for each Item

  5. We post your Items for Sale Online on multiple sites and with Collectors

  6. We take care of the Negotiating and completing the Sales of your Items including either Meeting with the Purchaser or Completing Needed Shipping allowing you to simply enjoy the proceeds.

It is That Simple!

Our Service Cost is simple as well with a One Time  Processing Fee of $50 ,after that, everything is done for only a Commission Rate of 30% of the total sales

which means We only get paid when YOU DO.

You can see our current sales and stats on here on our eBay Page

Want more information? Fill out the Form Below and one of our staff will get you a answer within 24 hours.

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