Print Prices

Each Photography Session as well as Restoration Project that we offer also comes with the opportunity to purchase print versions of any of the produced images in a variety of sizes and finishes.

We provide prints in two different finishes:

E-Surface ( Standard Photographic Finish )

Photo paper that brings out the best of you with vivid color and a high quality long lasting finish that will last generations.

Metallic Paper ( Glossy Pearlescent Finish )

Photo paper that gives a unique, metallic finish that is great for high contrast color as well as well as black & white photos.

Size      E-Surface     Metallic Surface

3×5          $5.00                $7.00

5×7          $7.00                $9.00

8×10        $10.00              $12.00

11×14      $14.00              $16.00

Wallets  $16.00             $18.00     ( Set of 8 ) / Pre-Cut

Luster  Coating  $2.00 each 

Adds a rich sheen to your prints and protects against finger prints and UV exposure.

Fine Linen Texture  $2.00 each

Roller applied texture given your prints a subtle linen look.

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